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A Revenue Management System designed to simplify and deliver results in today’s modern hotel industry.


REVPAR GURU is an advanced Revenue Management System which can be fully customized for any luxury independent hotel. Hoteliers around the globe use this state-of-the-art system to calculate the highest possible rate that will fill all the rooms on all the nights. What makes REVPAR GURU unique is its ability to provide up-to-the-minute rate suggestions for all dates up to one year in advance based on continuously extracted data 24 hours a day versus the traditional model of once per day.

REVPAR GURU does all this for your hotel:

…all with no technologically advanced skills required and with less effort than your current revenue management tasks.

Maximizing your hotel’s occupancy and revenue is a mathematical science… one that no person should ever have to stress over. Thankfully, REVPAR GURU’s Hotel Revenue Management Software automatically tracks hotel rates, occupancies, supply and demand 150 times a day.

And based on complicated formulas you never have to interact with, it continuously tells you the best rate to charge for maximum bookings and profit. And if you like, you can even set rate changes to be automatically updated on all of your online channels based on thresholds and restrictions you decide. As a result…

REVPAR GURU eliminates needless repetitive tasks, makes you a pricing expert, and your peers will be ecstatic with the results.

REVPAR GURU gives your hotel the advantage..not only in technology…but in rate.  Let your competitors struggle to fill their rooms with tedious time consuming rate calculations while you’re letting REVPAR GURU do the calculation for you…filling rooms at the right price, 24/7.  We’re so confident our system is the right one for you, we offer a 90 day guarantee.  Ask a sales representative for details.


Screenshot gallery of our system