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Free iPhone Application

REVPAR GURU™ , creators of a revolutionary revenue and inventory management solution that increases hotels’ RevPAR, occupancy and online bookings is offering its first iPhone app. Although not the first iPhone app for the hotel trade industry, this app is the first to provide hoteliers and revenue managers with the means to calculate their property’s vital stats – revenue per available room (RevPAR), average  daily rate (ADR), and occupancy percentage, as well as daily and annual revenue – while on the go. The app features a streamlined interface that displays key hotel metrics alongside the figures that comprise them – RevPAR a ppears next to ADR and occupancy, for instance. The breakdowns enable hoteliers to evaluate their hotel’s performance at a glance, and to determine immediately which areas are functioning best. The app underlines the importance of RevPAR, in evaluating revenue management and pricing activities – not ADR and occupancy as many think. Because it is a calculation that you can actually take to the bank, RevPAR provides the most accurate assessment of the efficacy of revenue management strategies. As such, maximizing RevPAR should remain the goal of revenue managers, and the guiding principle behind pricing methodologies. The REVPAR GURU™ RevPAR Calculator app allows revenue managers to maximize their output and abilities (even while out of the office), and offers a way to quantitatively prove that their strategies are working successfully to increase revenues. “Taking revenue management mobile is essential for empowering hotel owners and general managers with respect to their properties’ pricing and yield management operations,” says Bruno Perez, VP of REVPAR GURU™ . “The hotel business is moving faster than ever, and having key metrics available any time, in your pocket we think will be invaluable for our clients and for other industry insiders alike.”

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